Active in the area of Talent Management Consultancy, we help select, develop and propel talent to grow your leaders, teams and company.

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At Coaching RH

We believe in collaborative teamwork. We believe in harmonious relations at work. We believe diversity upscales the team to new heights. We also believe achieving team synergy requires work, effort, and favorable conditions. Through effective leadership and willingness to grow, we can help you make it happen. Give us a call.

Better Leadership, Better Workplaces
  • Ambition

    Inspire leadership and organizational practices that develop human potential in the workplace. Our hope is to inspire some who will inspire many.

  • Approach

    We team up with each of our customers using a structured, collaborative, appreciative, empowering and supportive approach, consistently aiming for client autonomy and sustainable change.

Become the Leader You Want to Be



HR Consultancy Services

·         Organizational Diagnosis

·         HR Services

·         HR Policy, Practices & Tools

·         Personality Tests



Recruitment Services

·         Management Assessment

·         Talent Attraction and Selection

·         Candidate Placement Services

·         Recruitment Representation Services



Training & Development

·         Leadership Development Programs

·         Manager Workshops |Lunch N’ Learns

·         Coaching Circles 


Coaching Services

·         Leadership Development

·         Management and Relationship Skills

·         Role/Career Transition 

Our services are delivered in both French and English.


We work collaboratively with a team of management consultants and business coaches who are driven by passion and fully invested in providing positive customer experiences. We are a dedicated group of seasoned practitioners who bring our experience to work for you.

Kathleen Poirier CHRP, ACC is Founder and President of Coaching RH.


We are located in Quebec City, Province of Quebec, Canada.

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